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How Many Job Offers Are You Leaving On The Table Right Now?

The step-by-step guide for you to land multiple interviews and secure a job offer 

With the Career Launch checklist, you'll learn in less than one week how to build a CV and LinkedIn that will land you multiple interviews + how to prepare for them (even if you suck at it).

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The 4 biggest mistakes that are costing you a job 

Let's face the truth...
Applying for jobs SUCKS


Time consuming

Applying for jobs can be very time-consuming. Scouring through job listings, tailoring resumes and cover letters, while also trying to come with an application strategy can eat up hours of your day.


Endless rejections

Receiving rejection emails can be demoralising. The time and effort invested seem to go down the drain with each "We regret to inform you" message.


Super competitive

The job market is fiercely competitive. With a multitude of qualified candidates applying for the same positions, standing out becomes almost impossible.

That's why we've compiled all that knowledge into a very simple checklist to make YOU stand out as an applicant.

The Career Launch Checklist is perfect for you if you want to...

Save time in your application process:
Know exactly where you should focus your time and effort to streamline your application.

Get interviews quickly:
Craft a compelling CV and LinkedIn that attracts attention and lands you interviews within a week.

Have recruiters reaching out to you:
Show up in front of recruiters and receive daily job offers, filling your inbox with exciting career opportunities.

Feel confident in your next interview:
Learn how to effortlessly prepare for interviews and how to answer interview questions the right way.

"But I have tried everything and nothing worked for me"

We understand the frustration of having a job application ignored or rejected - we've been there. 

As hiring managers, we've witnessed many mistakes made by jobseekers in the application and interview process – mistakes we've personally made when we were in your shoes. From incomplete CVs to unstructured interview answers, we've what differentiates a good and a bad candidate.

That's exactly why we created the Career Launch checklist. It's a tool born out of our own experiences that helped us land job offers at companies like Google, HubSpot and Meta. Our method is designed to cut through the noise, providing you with a clear and effective roadmap to landing your dream job.

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With the Career Launch Checklist, you'll learn how to:


You also get these insane bonuses for FREE

CV Templates
(value: £15.90)

Here you will find 5 ATS proof CV templates with tips and tricks to write a CV recruiters won't resist staring at.

LinkedIn Profile Checklist
(Value: £15.90)

We provide you with the basic tips, tricks, and insights on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile.

Behaviour Question Bank
(value: £10.90)

Here you will find +20 of the most common questions that can come up in your next interviews.

Interview Answer Template 
(value: £10.90)

Upgrade your interview game by discovering how to smash your interview questions using the STARL Method.

LinkedIn Skill Bot 
(value: £15.90)

Learn which skills you need to add to your LinkedIn profile in order to get recruiters reaching out to you with job offers. 

Message & Email Templates
(value: £10.90)

Get access to email templates you can use to send to recruiters, after interviews and even when you get a job offer.

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What if I regret buying the Career Launch Checklist?

Don't worry! We have a 7-day money back guarantee. So if after getting the checklist you don't think it was worth the money, we'll give back ALL the money you invested!

You just need to show that everything you implemented from the checklist didn't help you get any interviews. Zero risk for you!

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Why should you trust us?

Roxanne has been working in SaaS for +4 years. She has interviewed and received offers from some of the biggest tech companies, such as Google, Salesforce, HubSpot and many more.

Joana has been working in tech companies for over 5 years, where she is now managing her own team in a fintech company. She has interviewed hundreds of marketers, sales reps and even higher senior executives, and in this process learned what makes a great candidate.

They have both helped hundreds of professionals land their dream jobs using their community called TechTalk. With our expert guidance, they can ensure that your profile stands out to recruiters and hiring managers, increasing your chances of getting noticed and landing your next big opportunity.

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