Land interviews in one week with a great CV and an optimised LinkedIn profile

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CV & LinkedIn Bundle

CV & LinkedIn Bundle

Tired of applying and only getting rejections (or silence?). The key to landing interviews in 2024 is having a great CV and an optimised LinkedIn profile. With the bundle, we offer a top to bottom makeover of your CV and LinkedIn with all the right strategies for you to get noticed by recruiters.

£100 GBP

Full LinkedIn review

Get an honest review of your LinkedIn profile from top to bottom! We’ll tell you what to keep, what to remove and what to work on to make your LinkedIn stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.

Personalised CV review

Get a thorough CV review, covering everything from content to formatting. We provide honest feedback on what to keep, remove, and enhance to make your CV stand out. Plus, receive a personalized video for clear, detailed guidance you can watch anytime.

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